Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone that has purchased my book.  It's slow going and I really want to get the second book out there as soon as possible but this one is doing good.  I received enough so I could surprise my wonderful husband with concert tickets to his favorite band.  I made the huge mistake of always missing the chance for us to go see our favorite comedian, George Carlin, I don't want that to happen in this case.  Many changes coming at work and in my writing but things are looking up and positive no matter what people say to me.

Things happen for a reason in life and I'm beyond grateful to everyone that's been reading my writing if you enjoyed it or not.  If it were possible I would write for hours on end but reality is that I must work and I love the job I have.  I love the people that I've been meeting and enjoying the challenges that have been put in front of me.  Even with everything, still have a family trip in the works and enjoying the look on my daughter's face as she's doing the planning.