Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming along...

After making 24 dolls for a wonderful woman down in Georgia, I have only 4 more to make for my friend and family member.  I started working on the re-write for book two.  Because of how much keeps happening, I gave myself a Feb. 14th deadline.  I know it sounds weird to use Valentine's day for a deadline but it would be the best gift I could ever give to myself.

I finish a few pages and like the flow of it so far.  Fingers crossed that my friend will like it when she has to read through it again.  I could get so much more done when I wasn't working but I am beyond happy that I'm working.  It's great learning new things and feeling that sense of accomplishment when I understand and get something.  I miss being able to go to the book store and just sit and write but like it or not, it's a hobby and not a full time job.  Maybe one day, but right now it's fun creating the worlds and writing about the different characters that I've been dreaming up for so many years.