Sunday, June 26, 2011

Writing some more....

I've gotten done about 21 pages so far today.  I love days when I can just keep writing even though my hands and wrists keep acting up.  I'm hoping to get done a little bit more before the rain moved in since I'm doing everything outside today.  I figure since I'm writing about being outside and everything that it would be even better to write about it while I'm actually outside LOL.

I've had a few more sales through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles so I'm hoping things will pick up more when I get book two out there.

I do have another project that I want to work on as soon as these are done. It was something I start while taking a fiction writing course.  It was one of those exercises where you pull the different aspects out of a hat so to speak.  It was a really simple assignment but I really like what it developed into.  I'm not sure if it would be considered a young adult novel just yet but we'll see where it goes when I have the time to really look at it.  I at least have the beginning done and then a bunch of it outlined so should be interesting :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm coming along with book two really nicely.  I've decided to write about a chapter or two and then before starting the next time I sit down I re-read what I wrote and do a little editing as I go along.  I figure at least it won't be as much when I do the full re-read.  I am sticking with my deadline for myself to have the writing done by July 22nd and then hopefully the editing done the following week.  Hopefully sales will increase eventually but until then I won't be able to go to the bookstore to write :-(  Instead, I'll be set up in the back of my husband's truck while Mackenzie rides her bike or under a tree while she's swimming at Crystal Lake.  The only down fall will be that I won't have access to the internet if I have to do any word look ups and such.  I'll have to figure out something for those occasions or maybe get really lucky that someone has an unsecured network in the area :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Available on CreateSpace

I got in the proof and checked everything out.  So the printed version is now available through the link below.  It takes alittle longer to get it on but that's okay.  I'm so excited that the new cover came out so great.  I'll post some pictures later on tonight.   :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Proof came in...

So the proof for the print copy of my book came in so my husband is going to read through it and see if he finds anything.  I don't want to order another proof until he's gone through the whole thing.  He's found a couple of errors which kind of sucks but they are pretty simple so I've been correcting them on the ebook version as they're found.

I've gotten done a little more on the second book.  It's been a hectic week with all the weather and my daughter learning to ride her new bike.  Next week, I'll be back on schedule of writing as much as I can.  I'm know I have one person doing a review on my book and I'm hoping more people will too.  My husband said that it's a fast read and that he's really getting into it to the point he had to force himself to stop so he could get ready for work.  I don't know if the fast read is a compliment but the other part made me happy.  I think as soon as I have the other book out that I might put Live for free and then charge for the second book.  We'll see what happens.