Sunday, June 26, 2011

Writing some more....

I've gotten done about 21 pages so far today.  I love days when I can just keep writing even though my hands and wrists keep acting up.  I'm hoping to get done a little bit more before the rain moved in since I'm doing everything outside today.  I figure since I'm writing about being outside and everything that it would be even better to write about it while I'm actually outside LOL.

I've had a few more sales through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles so I'm hoping things will pick up more when I get book two out there.

I do have another project that I want to work on as soon as these are done. It was something I start while taking a fiction writing course.  It was one of those exercises where you pull the different aspects out of a hat so to speak.  It was a really simple assignment but I really like what it developed into.  I'm not sure if it would be considered a young adult novel just yet but we'll see where it goes when I have the time to really look at it.  I at least have the beginning done and then a bunch of it outlined so should be interesting :-)

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