Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick and science projects...

Another day of no writing, I will definitely be working overtime tomorrow after dropping my daughter off at school.  I spent the day with a fever and sleeping.  I love that my children can share but seriously the germs can stay with them.  

My daughter has decided that she wants to do her up-coming science project on whaling.  I am one that doesn't like to keep anything from her so I asked her if she wanted to look for a video clip of what happens.  Of course, she said yes so I checked youtube and found one that GreenPeace had posted.  I'll be the first to say I eat meat and understand where the pork, beef and chicken come from but watching what happens to whales and dolphins has always been hard.  I love watching whales and dolphins and actually went whale watching for the first time this past summer.  It was awesome and my daughter was with us so she got to see them first hand too.  So watching the clip, she was really quiet and then they show when they drag the whale up and you know it's dead.  She just started bawling.  I felt bad that she saw it and was upset but again I don't keep things from her.  I don't think sheltering a child from certain things is right and plus this is what she's doing the project on.  I asked her after if she was sure especially with how upset she got and she's more than ever determined to do this.  Definitely proud of her, my little activist in the making... maybe.

I'm hoping I'll be feeling better so I can get writing done tomorrow.  Another morning at the local Barnes and Nobles so that I can get the quiet I need.  It's so hard to write at home with all the distractions.  I'm working on being more focused but there's always something that comes up if I'm at home writing.  At least if I'm at the bookstore, if they want me they have to drive to the store.  It's a great way to be left alone.  

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