Monday, May 30, 2011


I got a few sales on smashwords and I'm still waiting for my proof so that I can distribute on amazon.  I did send out some query letters to see with this new version if anyone is willing to pick it up.  I had one already email back for the manuscript and the outlines for the other two books.  So fingers crossed that maybe that will go somewhere but I know how hard it is to really get a traditional publishing contract and such.

I got a little further on book two.  I'm really trying to push it out so that I can start editing maybe by the end out july or so.  Plus there are some other story ideas that I've been thinking about.  One with a world where magic or being magical is against the law, guess you could say that it's almost going with the idea of what happened during the time governments were looking for witches.  Another does a twist on the old folk tale of gypsies coming to take bad children away (yes, kind of on the dark side but the idea just floated in one night and I thought that I might be able to do something with it).  All the other ideas really stem from stories or fairy tales that I read before and basically does a what if A, B, or C happened instead.

We'll see what happens, I want this series done first no matter what.  I love the characters in this story, they've really helped me in some of my worst times so I want to give them my full attention.  I had a friend ask if I would expand it past three books and I told her no.  Everything should fit into the three especially considering it used to all be in a 621 pages book.  Everyone will be where they need and want to be by the end of the books.


  1. Good luck to you Karolyn! I know that even talented folks need a bit of luck to break through. Rae
    p.s. the blog is very pretty :)

  2. Thanks Rae... definitely a lot of luck needed... one day at a time though, at least it has helped me keep my sanity while job hunting and chasing after kids :-)

  3. It will be interesting to see how you go with these books, Karolyn. I published to kindle just a few days ago and I'm waiting for the book to 'go live'. I do have a book with a traditional publisher too and it was a long process finding that publisher - I did a blog post about the whole saga over at
    Good luck with 'Live'. Is it YA fiction?

  4. Thanks Cody... they are YA fiction. I submitted mine through smashwords so that they do the distribution to all the different ebook stores like Kindle, Nook, Sony, iBooks. When I checked with friends on what they were using for ereaders there was just way too many to deal with and at least with smashwords it covers all of them....

    I've sent out queries and got similar responses. They ask for the manuscript and then a few months later, the thanks but no thanks response. I'm still going to try since it would be great to have a traditional publisher but this will do for now. I just enjoy and love writing. I actually have two romance books under a pen name on Barnes and Nobles but I'm keeping that writing separate from any of the YA fiction :-)